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Steelbody Strength Squat Rack Home Gym Station


$999.99 $699.99

This is the ultimate squat rack, but not just because it is high quality. The amount of squat rack accessories that are included in this home gym set is phenomonal!

This isn’t just your typical squat rack, it contains the equipment to do a variety of different exercises!


  • 1000 LB Capacity!
  • HEAVY DUTY CONSTRUCTION – This squat rack boasts a high durable steel frame reinforced with a powder coating, giving you an equipment that’s guaranteed to withstand intense use. Its industrial style combines safety and superior functionality.
  • DIP AND PULL UP STATION – Equipped with multi-grip pull-up handles furnished with sturdy foam pads, dip bars, and adjustable safety catches, this innovative piece of workout gear lets you efficiently perform bicep curls, pull ups, and presses.
  • CONVENIENT FREE-WEIGHT STORAGE – Featuring a spacious workout station, this high-performing equipment includes sturdy posts and trays to let you organize your dumbbell set, kettlebells, Olympic weight plates, and other weightlifting gear on the rack.
  • ALL-IN-ONE STATION – This gym system combines different strength-building machines. This complete system features dip bars, a pullup bar, a kipping bar, resistance band anchors, and barbell safety catches – everything you need for a full-body workout!
  • CUSTOMIZABLE RACK DESIGN – Guaranteed to assist you in strengthening different muscle groups and developing your core and upper body, it can also be paired with a utility bench for endless exercise possibilities that will develop your lower body too.

Steelbody Strength Training Monster Cage Squat Rack Home Gym Station System for Weightlifting and Bodybuilding STB-98005




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